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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help Someone.

We are a bunch of people determined towards motivating and helping people who are snowed under their monotonous lives,who think life is never fair to them. we, with the help of inspiration stories and real stories want to convey a message to them that life is really very beautiful and we all should live it as there is no tomorrow.

We are very strong believers of Jesus Christ  and we think that we should all believe in god and it doesn’t matter to whom we follow religiously. We have seen poverty since our childhood and we have seen kids working at restaurants, hotels and selling flowers just to have their meal . Read More

Rome was not Built in a Day

Money is the only thing that youngsters think can give them respect and they can buy anything they want. Nowadays they are trying to earn money as fast as possible and they don’t even care what way they are choosing to earn that money. If we talk about America only 30% of school graduates go to college for their higher studies. And what about the other 70%??

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Importance of Everything and Time in Life

Can your body afford to booze out at the age of 3 or 4?

Would you like to pee in your pants at the age of 16-18?

Will your body allow you to do hip-hop dance at the age of more than 70?

This life is so beautifully designed by god that every time and everything has its own importance.

This I have learned from life and always heard from all of the most successful people in the world that “do what time say’s you to do and just have faith in god “ Continue reading…

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