Difference between what you need and what you want!

When you were kid, you needed milk but asked for chicken nuggets, burgers or French fries.

When you were teenager you needed good veggies to eat, meat and healthy diet for your body but you preferred Alcohol!

When you grew up you went for partying with your girlfriend but you needed good education from university to live a better life.

This story is about a young boy Daniel who was genius in his group. He studied hard to get admission at his favorite university and got admission too. But he was not as rich as her new friends which he made in university rather in comparison to them he was poor.

At the starting, he tried hanging out with them but it was kind of impossible for him to afford the expenses. So he thought that he should avoid going with them as he has responsibilities of his families also and he couldn’t afford this much money to spend on himself and his friends. As time passed in the college, he started getting alienated from the group. He started going out alone. He left with only few friends and the only reason behind this was MONEY.

May be he did not have got good friends who can spend and share money with him knowing his financial condition but then he started thinking that I don’t need any friend because at last they all will pass out from university and no one will have the time to meet each other and he can spend as much as he want with the big fat money he will get from his job.

Time passed and everyone started doing job. As Daniel was very intelligent he got job in silicon valley USA. And for the very first few days he enjoyed a lot with the money he got from the job. But after some time he started feeling alone which he never felt before!!

Eventually he started missing all his college friends and he was also surprised at his behavior that how he can miss his friends with which he had spent only little time of his college life!

One day he called his college friend over phone and said hey Nods, I am living here in Silicon Valley and I was missing you all! And I want to meet you all!

Now, he was having everything he wanted but not everything he needed.

Sometimes it happens with us that we are not able to understand what we need and what we want. We always go after what we want because that is what we desire. Same thing happened with Daniel, at college he wanted just to stay alone to stay away from spending money because he was not having money that time. But when he was having he realized that it’s not only money that is important in life we need friends too or someone whom we trust and love.

Day after he made call to his friend Nods. All of his friends came to meet him at his house and enjoyed a lot and cracked jokes on him that how weird he behaved in college in spite of having such a good friendship between them and that so just because of few bucks !

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