Q. What is this site about ? 

Please read the About me Section to get to know more about me.

Q. How do you help poor people  ? 

First of all we write here some real inspiring stories for the people who are going through tough time at moment and to be honest i am not a millionaire , i’m just a 20 year old boy but i try to give some money to poor people using my pocket money.  if you also want to help those people you can donate some money here and we will use that money for beggars and kids.

Q. How can i donate the money and how much ? 

Thanks for your interest , you can use our donation box to donate money and will publish your name here , don’t worry we won’t show the amount you donated if you don’t want us to .

You can donate $1 to $1000 , it’s completely up to you. After all something is better than nothing.

Q. I want to share my story on this site, how can i ? 

We would love to publish your story here , please use our Contact form to submit your story .

Help! I’ve got a different problem!

No problem , use our contact form to submit your questions , i would get back to you as soon as possible.