If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake

I was born in a very poor family in government housing apartment. Throughout my life I had to ask people for food and sometimes I stole food to feed my mother and younger sister. This all happened because my father was a truck driver and he drank a lot of alcohol with the money he gets from the job and never gave it to my mother for feeding us. When I was just 5 years old my mother left my father because he shouted on her and beat her due to his alcoholic habit. My school days were miserable; I had a problem with learning and remembering things. My friends always made fun of me. But I knew there is no one who is going to help me to get out of my poor life” –Said by a multi-millionaire.

It’s always difficult to take the first step but after that you become habitual. Remember the game of hurdle race where just crossing the first hurdle is difficult and after that your feet start automatically crossing them even if you don’t want.

There are many examples of the people who became rich from having nothing with them when they are born. Same is the story of STARBUCKS COFFEE owner.

He had born in a very poor family where managing food for him in itself was a struggle. He was very weak at studies but he did not lose his determination to see himself rich one day. Somehow he managed to get admission at university and from there he worked so hard that even the first hurdle for him was not difficult to cross.

He always had a fear that how he will become because his voice was like girls and very low. He worked hard, joined theater group in his university just to work on his voice, so that no one should make fun of him when he goes to job or starts his own business. He worked hard on his managerial skills and then one day he was sitting in college canteen .Accidentally his coffee was very cold and tasteless though he ordered a hot coffee. From there he got the idea of starting a coffee house where people can sit and have coffee.

Now he is owner of multi-millionaire coffee house –The Starbucks coffee.

No matter what is your financial condition when you are born? Start working for your future the day you understand the difference between poor and rich.

Work hard in a smarter way for your present to shape your future in best way.

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