Importance of Everything and Time in Life

Can your body afford to booze out at the age of 3 or 4?

Would you like to pee in your pants at the age of 16-18?

Will your body allow you to do hip-hop dance at the age of more than 70?

This life is so beautifully designed by god that every time and everything has its own importance.

This I have learned from life and always heard from all of the most successful people in the world that “do what time say’s you to do and just have faith in god “

If anyhow you lose faith in god just pray to Jesus-

Dear Jesus if today I lose my hope please remind me that your plans are better than my dreams

We all start running behind money as we get job or start our business that is perfectly fine but just think about the time that we are not spending with our parents or with our dear one’s.

As we grow old we forget to enjoy because we always have a fear of death!

The main thing that I want to share with this story is to utilize the perfect time with the perfect thing.

All teenagers think that their parents grew older and now they don’t the meaning the real enjoyment but they forget that their parents also went through this age and enjoyed in the same way as they are enjoy and may be in better way. Teen is the age when we actually build our personality that we are going to keep for whole of our life. In that age, we all should read as much as we can or travel as much as we can and meet different kind of people to know their culture. So that we can really understand, what life is all about for all of the people living all around the world.

As we grow up and get job we should concentrate only on our job and earning and saving money and to spend quality time with your family member’s and your dear friends because that Is the only thing that is going to help us when we grow older and we will not be having sufficient energy to work and earn money.

Life is beautiful only if you love yourself, your job and your parents.

And the most important thing is to teach these things to our children.


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