Better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing.

This story is about every one of us. Whenever our parent gifts us something new, we keep using it until we get bored of it. But there are some people who never get bored of one thing they like the most, like their iPhone, iPod, and their computers.

In late 1950’s, a son got a gift from his father, and guess what? that was a COMPUTER at that time. He kept boasting among his friends that he got such an expensive gift from his father. But as the time passed he got addicted to computer.

He uses to spend his entire time sitting in front of computer. His mother used to scold him that why u keep sitting in front of computer, we are not going to give it to anyone, it’s yours. We want that you should spent time in playing outdoor games like football or basketball, his mother said to him.

But there was one thing going in his mind that he never told his parents and they thought that he is just getting addicted to it. As he passed out of school his eyes got so affected that he almost lost his eyesight.

His parent then went to different hospitals to get their son cured. At last he got his eyesight cured from one of the best hospitals of The USA. But he was advised that he should not sit in front of PC or work on computer. But he was too determined toward his work that he started working on computer that he took pen and notebook and started writing some random numbers and letter on a paper, his father asked what you are doing!

He said dad, I am working on creating a different language for computer so that we can use it more efficiently and more conveniently. His father replied, please son just take rest for some days and then you can start again.

After getting better from the eyesight treatment, he found that he is suffering from fever but he did not tell this to his parents and started working on computer day and night.

And in couple of years while studying at Harvard University, he created ‘computer language C’. The most widely used language in computer industry. The guy was Dennis Ritchie. All the operating system we are using like windows 7 , windows 8 , Ios all are made up of using C language , if there were no Dennis Ritchie we would not able to use mobile phones and many other devices.

It’s all about determination and will power to do something of your interest. Just keep working on it and one day you will surely get what you have always dreamt of.


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