Difference between what you need and what you want!

When you were kid, you needed milk but asked for chicken nuggets, burgers or French fries.

When you were teenager you needed good veggies to eat, meat and healthy diet for your body but you preferred Alcohol!

When you grew up you went for partying with your girlfriend but you needed good education from university to live a better life. Continue reading…

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Only you can change your life – Best Inspiring story for students

There was a guy in my class, he was the dumbest guy in the class. He failed in at least 2-3 subjects in every semester. Every one of us bullied him. Even at the end of our degree, we started meeting our professor’s to say thanks and to click picture with them so that we can remember them always in our lives. But this guy went to every professor to at least give him pass marks so that he can also get degree this year and don’t have to attend college for one more year. Continue reading…

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