Real Happiness lies in making others happy.

Last Saturday I was talking to very young guy, Irish peter about his life, his goals, what he want to do in future etc. etc. While taking we went to nearby KFC and as we were sitting there he saw an old man sitting on the other side if the road and begging, maybe because he wants to have a meal.

So he stood up with his Zinger and went to him and given him his burger and came back to me.

I asked Irish ‘why did you give it to him’?

He very politely replied ‘I think he needs it more than me’.

I was amazed that he is so young and this age we don’t even think of sharing things with our brother and sister and he gave his burger to an unknown beggar.

I asked him what you want to be in future.

He said sir I want to be a philanthropist.

I said do you the meaning of philanthropist?

He said yes! I do. It means the persons who thinks more about others happiness then his own.

So how you will become one, I asked him.

He very beautifully replied to me while looking into my eyes and making a sign of cross on his forehead, ” Sir I don’t know how I will do it but every night I sleep I pray to Jesus that father I don’t need anything for me , I just want to see everyone happy around  me . If everyone is not able to afford a car, at least bless them that they should travel safely in public transport. “

I was amazed by listening to these lines from a young 16 years old boy. Your parents must be very rich, I said to him. He replied with his head down – Sir I am an Orphan. I have never seen my parents but I know they must have been very rich if not with money but at least with the values they have given me genetically.

We should always think in a positive and ready to help others and any possible way.


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  1. The Bible commands us to love one another if we love God, for God is Love. And love is not love until we give it away! Let it be love Agape! God bless you!

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