Rome was not Built in a Day

Money is the only thing that youngsters think can give them respect and they can buy anything they want. Nowadays they are trying to earn money as fast as possible and they don’t even care what way they are choosing to earn that money. If we talk about America only 30% of school graduates go to college for their higher studies. And what about the other 70%??

I tell you where they go. Some of them get into the business of selling bad things some of them try to loot people. And they all end up dying or living their whole life in jail.

We have to make our friends, sons and daughters understand the reality of life that even a beggar earns some money but does he earns respect from that?

Life isn’t about earning only money just for the sake of earning life is about earning money with pride and with your own hard work involved in it.

If most of the people in the world will start earning money in wrong way, what will happen to those who work so hard to earn money?

Everything has a time. No body have got anything more than his destiny and not before the right time. We all should work hard towards our goal step by step and we will see that we don’t have to do any wrong thing to earn as much money as we want. You must have heard a quote that ‘Rome was not built in a day’, in the same way we can’t become multimillionaire in one day and the stories that we hear that there was a guy who became millionaire in one day just by selling one software or by one website .we can’t even guess the hard work behind the making of that software or that website.

If you guys talk to your grandparents just ask them once that money is really so important. Then they will tell you the same thing that I am going to write.

“Money is only important if there is no one to hate you because of your hard earned money. And you have no regrets of earning that money. Money gives happiness only if you have peace in your heart.”

Trust in Lord Jesus and he will bless you all. Amen


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